Am I Wrong for Moving On?

Moving OnWhy am I wrong for moving on with my life?

I took the time necessary for me to move forward. Why should I be bound to what you think about me, after all I have been through?  I was down so low that the only way out was up.  I went to counseling session, to deal with all the pain and abuse I endured.  I didn’t realize how bad you hurt me, until I had to deal with “ME”.  The compounded pain, hidden deep within overwhelmed me.  I was beaten by your words and raped by your insults.  Being touched, by unwanted hands scarred me; scarred me with memories that played on my eyelids, every time I slept.  So, why am I wrong for moving on?

I had too!  It was necessary for me.  If I had stayed, I would be living in the pain that has caused me so much pain; instead of, regurgitating the memories and indulging in the emotions tied to the pain I suffered.  My heart could not take it anymore.  I am sorry if you have not accepted it, but I have.  That is the only way I could have moved on.   The move was good for me.  I am becoming whole and healthy.  The more I work on me, the more areas of my pain are becoming evident and I am taking the time to deal with each area, so that my healing can be complete.   Now I can love ME Again.  Now I can love Again.

Let me just clarify this, by me moving does not mean you were a bad person, it just means that you were bad for me.  Now as I look back, all I can say is Thank You Lord for how much healing you have poured in me.  I am “me” again, free, healed and whole.  What God is doing in me, I have never experienced.  He is birthing purpose and the drive to pursue it, daily. Now tell me, why am I wrong for moving on?

You have that option also.  Except you choose to stay where you are, inspecting my life and criticizing my advances, because I chose to run to God instead.   Why haven’t you moved on? Why is my life so important that you have to use it as an example of injustice?  Instead of criticizing it, why don’t you use it to let you know, you need to let the past be the past and work on you.  Look at yourself!  Talk about your issues!  Where you are, is like sitting in stagnate water.  The stench is unbearable.  Why don’t you seek the One who can give you a fresh “well of water, springing up” (John 4:14). He helped me and He can help you.  Try Him…His name is Jesus!

He is the Living Word! The Lively Stone!  He is the rock that the builder rejected that is now made the chief cornerstone.  He is the bread of life, the Rock of Ages. He is the Lamb of God that came to take away the sins of the world.  He is the resurrected Savior that declares to you…

John 11:25 – “… I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live”

This is the promise He has for you.  He wants you to live.  If you believe in Him, He will resurrect the dead areas of your life, enabling you to live again.  Live, your life depends on it!  Live, your family depends on it!  Live, your purpose needs you!  Live, your Freedom awaits YOU!