About Fearless Girls Rock

Fearless Girls Rock is a community outreach program that has been designed to reach Young Ladies ages 12 – 22 yrs. old; that have faced and are facing, challenges that hinder their success and prevents them from pursuing their dreams and goals in life.
We believe that No One is exempt from the Pain that life gives out.  We believe that “Pain has NO Color” it is not race specific. We are committed to empowering and encouraging young ladies to not allow the events of their lives to hold them hostage.  We challenge them to not accept, “You Can’t Do It.”
We have an Annual event, followed by monthly gatherings that pull together these young ladies; along with, other Ladies who have conquered the odds; ladies who will equip these young ladies with the necessary tools and information, which will aid them in pursuing their goals and purpose in life.
Fearless Girls Rock is an Outreach Program of VOH Ministries Inc., and is directed by the Head of the Women of Greatness Outreach Program, led by Trina Smith.